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Better Goat Chocolate Flavour


Better Goat Chocolate Flavour

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Did you know that Goat’s Milk is much more healthier that Cow’s Milk? It is also one of the forgotten Sunnah. Let’s Revive it and make Better Goat’s Milk the ideal choice for the family!

Net Weight: 500g

No added skimmed Milk, No foul Smell

Benefits of Better Goat’s Milk Chocolate:

  • Rich in Protein and Vitamin A which is essential for the body.
  • Chocolate contain Anti-Oxidant properties and is proven to reduce stress.
  • Goat’s Milk is good for the brain, thus making you more sharp and alert.
  • Cocoa (Main Ingredients) contains high amount of Magenesium which helps control blood sugar level, Blood pressure regulation & Energy Metabolism.
  • Consuming Goat’s Milk regularly makes your skin complexion looking more glowing and healthy.


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