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The Forgotten Sunnah

Let’s Revive Them.

Many of us have forgotten about the Sunnah food like Honey, Habbatus Sauda, Olive Oil, Pomegranate and many more. These are some of the foods that our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W loves to eat and there are many reasons behind it. One of the reasons is mainly because of health.

Most of the foods mentioned, has a cure to every diseases. Browse through our products and read about the benefits and the hadith of each food.

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Alhamdulillah ever since I took this I feel more energetic.Now waking up in the morning I don’t feel much tiredness even if I sleep very late. And also it makes me more alert.

Product Recommended: Al-Manna Arabic Gum Powder

Sha’ri Abu Bakar Sidek
Syukur Alhamdulillah, Ever since i took Sunnah Products Al-Manna and Luban water, it has definitely helped me in my focus. I felt my mind is sharper and I’m able to think and make better decisions in terms of my work and i have become more alert but it has to be taken uniformly and consistently for quick results. Definitely recommended!

Product Recommended: Al-Manna Arabic Gum Powder & Luban Water

Faisal Chal Sulaiman
Have been using Avocado Olive Oil on my daughters. Their hair since grew more naturally and no more feel of itchiness on their scalp.Presence of white hair also had subsided.

Product Recommended: Avocado + Black Seed, Sesame Olive Oil.

Muhamad Fadly
I’m a type 2 Diabetes with no medication yet. Alhamdulillah my diabetes,high blood,cholesterol is maintained after i took al manna consistently and Bekam does help too. Body feels light and stamina has also improved. In Shaa Allah with the sunnah products and Bekam, all will be good or even better.

Product Recommended: Al-Manna Arabic Gum Powder

Muhd Farid Tahir
Good for night sleep and bowels, It keeps you awake in the morning and does not make you lethargic. Very good for people doing shift work.

Product Recommended: Palermo Pomegranate Vinegar

Hakim Johari
Alhamdulillah selepas menggunakan produk luban daya ingatan yang kerap pelupa sebelum ini telah menjadi bertambah baik.

Product Recommended: Luban Water/Rock

Ishak osman
Sebelum ini, saya telah mencuba pelbagai jenis madu yang dikatakan asli dan tulen. Namun, saya tidak rasa begitu puas hati sehinggalah saya mencuba madu Sidr. Alhamdulillah, kesannya juga saya dapat rasakan. Saya rasa lebih sihat dan bertenaga.

Product Recommended: All types of Honey

Suryadi Mohd Bajuri
Alhamdulillah…product was very good. I applied on skin infection behind my child’s ear and the infection was gone in a week. I also applied on my child’s eye infection. The next day, I see instant improvement. Subhanallah.

Product Recommended: Al-Zahra Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil

Sofian Salleh
Berak saya lawas, segar dan tidak mengantuk. Berat badan pon turn lepas hari hari makan untuk dua minggu.

[Al-Esra Black Seed Oil]

Faidzal Ahmed
My stomach bloatedness is much better and it controls my appetite.

[Palermo Pomegranate Vinegar & Al-Manna Arabic Gum]